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"True hospitality, great service, great follow up. I recommend the Manager's Special."
— Ken A.

"I accompanied my wife to one of her association meetings in Corpus Christi, Texas. We live in Virginia so this was quite a vacation for me, especially. I have had hip and back pain for most of my life, and I think the trip may have aggravated my condition. In fact, after the first day at the hotel, I was almost to the point that I couldn't walk.
Bayfront     "My wife, unbeknownst to me, had made a visit to Body-N-Balance and talked to one of the owners about my condition. Next thing I knew I had received a phone call from Mr. Loyd Wellesley. He asked me a few questions and then he asked for me to come to his spa. I had never had a massage and I am a senior citizen. Mr. Wellesley asked me some more questions and then said “If you don't mind let me work on you for a while.” I was reluctant but he assured me I would be fine. He was patient and had to explain everything to me. He was very gentle and talked to me about what was going on with my hip and back. He did some things that he called “trigger point release.” He worked my bad hip and my back and placed me in various positions. He then suggested that he would call me later that day, which he did, to see how I was doing.
"I felt much better immediately, but the next day my hip was totally pain free! Not only that but after two weeks back in our home state I remained “pain free.” I actually called the owner and told him that he was a saint. I had been in pain for over thirty years with my hip and back.
"Mr. Wellesley suggested that I find a good therapist in my city to continue working with me in case my pain came back. He offered to find one for me and I accepted his aid. However, some way, if I do have a recurrence I will come back to him no matter the cost. I am writing this letter a little over 6 months from my trip to your spa. I still have “no pain” in my hip and I am able to walk without a cane again. What a miracle.
"Did I mention that the owner didn't charge me for my treatment? He said he does this occasionally as a way to pay it forward to your guests at the hotel. Simply Amazing to me!"
— Abel C.

Skyline"While staying at the Omni Hotels in Corpus Christi, I decided to have a massage at the Omni Hotel Spa called Body-N-Balance. I met one of the husband/wife owners, Monique Wellesley. Monique was so nice and I had one of the best, if not the best, massages that I have ever had. She made certain that I was comfortable the entire time and she was such a delight to be around. She provided extra water to me and answered all of my questions concerning the hotel and the surrounding areas.
My friend and I later decided to walk to a local restaurant from the hotel and about half way to the restaurant I had the misfortune of slipping and falling on the sidewalk. I was not far from the hotel lobby, yet no one could see me from the entrance. My friend helped me to get up, but I was in pretty bad shape. We hobbled back to the front of the hotel and guess who saw me first? Yes, Monique ran out of the hotel, gathered me up and called for help from the bell staff. They got me back inside the hotel and Monique asked if I needed an ambulance. I refused but my friend insisted that I have everything checked out. Monique called 911 and in only a few minutes I was at the hospital, along with the owner of the Spa! She wanted to make certain that I was ok, which I was. Only a few bruises and minor cuts. Monique waited until the ER released me and then she brought us back to the hotel. I can't thank her enough for her kindness and her hospitality. She made me feel like part of her family. I will return."
— Margie L.

"This Spa, while rather small, does some things the larger ones just can't seem to do. I have been trying to get a Thai Stem Massage for many years. You know the way they actually do it in Thailand. Finally, I found it at Body-N-Balance in San Antonio. Thanks. I will be back for another one very soon."
— Cindy M.

"Try the Chocolate Wrap thingy, I felt so soft and silky and I lost a few pounds for about two weeks after this treatment. They told me I might lose some weight but I didn't think it would stay off this long. Much easier than my work out routine. Keep up the good work, Monique."
— Angelica M.

Pool"I have a medical condition that the staff at Body-N-Balance had never encountered before, so they contacted the owner, Mr. Loyd Wellesley for an opinion. He explained to me that he was an advanced Massage Therapist and an advanced Massage Instructor and that he would do his best to figure out if I could safely have a massage. I had gotten massages all of life and no one had even questioned whether it was safe or not. In fact most spas never asked me about my physical condition. When I relayed my condition to Mr. Wellesley he knew exactly what it was and in fact he told me what I could do to improve the condition and what to avoid. He then discussed this with my therapist and I was good to go. I felt wonderful after my session. I appreciated his concern and the concern of my therapist in being safe and secure. This company really cares about their clients and now I care about them. I now go every week for treatments."
— Bonnie T.

"I had the privilege of having a massage session with Angie in your Spa in San Antonio. I had specific areas of pain that I conveyed to her. She was kind to me and very professional in her approach to my issues. She knew what she was doing in a manner that I never experienced before. I left the SPA pain free. Pain free! I am grateful to her and for her knowledge of the human body. If I lived in San Antonio, I would be sure to frequent your SPA on a regular basis. Thank you, Angie, and thank you, Body-N-Balance."
— Paula T.

"During my stay, I had my first massage at your hotel with Body-N-Balance. It was great and helped me recover from a very sore back. Amanda did an outstanding job. Just wish your spa was larger in San Antonio so that my girlfriends and I could all get massages at the same time. Great job. guys!"
— Emelinda R.

"My husband had a massage with Theresa at Body-N-Balance in Corpus Christi. He said it was the best massage he had ever had! This made our trip well worth it. She was very courteous and pleasant. Kudos to her for such a wonderful job."
— Judith M.

"Raquel was amazing. She utilized different techniques and pressure applications during the massage. Being a modest person, I appreciated her ability to make me feel at ease. Before I knew it, my time had ended. Raquel had a glass of water waiting for me when I came out of the room and then she discussed the areas that needed more work. She suggested stretches that would help loosen me up on a daily basis. Overall, I left the Salon very satisfied. I will return on my next visit to San Antonio. I will stay at the Omni to get my Spa Treatment. Thank you. Body-N-Balance."
— Rebecca C.

Lobby"Intel Corporation recently held a large scale celebration in your hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. The contract and event structure was developed by our staff and carried out by Mr. David Terrazas. I would like to call out to your attention and recognize the customer service and commitment to exceed expectations that we received throughout the process from your staff, and in particular in the execution of the event itself. The attention to detail was excellent, and all the little things were done right. Things we did not even discuss were taken care of. Of your in house vendors, Loyd and Monique Wellesley, owners of Body-N-Balance Spa, stand out as being a big part of our success. Somehow they managed to work in over 100 massages largely over the course of one business day.They contacted every single customer individually and were extremely flexible despite the obvious constraints. They even brought in masseuses from San Antonio to support. Like your management team, their attitude was very 'can do' and was very much appreciated!"
— Omid G., Business Operations Manager, Intel Corp.

"I had a wonderful massage in Corpus Christi at Body-N-Balance. I live in San Antonio so half way home I had discovered that I had left my watch at the studio. About the time I realized what I had done I received a phone call from the Manager Jorge in Corpus. He asked me if I had lost a watch! He noticed that I had left it behind and wanted to return it as soon as possible. Then I received a call from the owner, Mrs. Monique Wellesley, asking me if she could bring it to me at my home or business in San Antonio. She actually made the round trip from San Antonio to Corpus and back to pick up my watch. I have never seen such customer service as this before. She brought the watch to my home and gave it to my wife without me making a return visit right away, or trusting the mail to deliver it. Not only was the service excellent but let's face it, the service afterwards was unbelievable. I will be returning to Corpus soon and I also intend to use the Spa in San Antonio on I-10."
— Manuel C.

"What can I say, they have the best small spa in the state of Texas! Their Spa Reviews said it just like it is. Best kept secret. Everyone should stay at the Omni just for the Spa services at Body-N-Balance."
— Leslie R.

"I wanted to pass along the many compliments I receive about Amanda. Since my market has changed to Business Travel, I’ve had the pleasure of spending more time with our travelers. As I meet with them I ask what services they use on-site and more and more I hear them passing along positive feedback on Body-N-Balance. I wanted to personally email you that I feel Amanda represents your spa with professionalism and genuine friendliness. I was pleased to hear that she is now the Spa Manager.
Both our Black Level SG travelers have stated that by far she is the best massage therapist they’ve encountered. Way to go, Amanda, for exceptional service and expertise!"
— Stacey Crabb, Business Travel Sales Manager, Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade

"I had a wonderful massage experiences with Debora, while in town managing a conference at the wyndham hotel last week. Even with all of the conference stress and craziness, she was able to successfully give me not one-but TWO massages while I was there. What a difference in the way I felt!
She was professional, friendly, and very in tune with what I needed. If only I lived in San Antonio…. I would be a regular client."
—Dawn L.

"Wonderful massage and very relaxing at the Omni hotel Colonnade. The massage was a true 65 minutes. Cricket was my therapist and she was fantastic."
—Thanks Bianca L.

"Candice at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi, was the best! I think she gave me the best massage I have ever had in my life!"

"Steve gave me a fantastic massage, I was very comfortable during my massage."
—Carole W.

"Paige is a great therapist! I will continue to get massages with her when I am in Corpus, last week I had two massages with Paige."
—Chris T.

"Steve, the massage therapist was awesome! He was very careful of my health conditions and still did an exceptional job. I have never had a massage from a man, he made me very comfortable! Job well done!!"
—Alma C.

"There really are no words to describe how in tune your whole body and soul feels when Monique works on you. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each client simply dissolves stress and tension."
—Veronica Montelongo, XOXO

"Ernest was great and fit me in to get a massage on the spot!"
—Angie S.

"Ernest did a wonderful job and was continually checking to see if my needs were being met."
—Sandra G.

"My experience with Vicky was wonderful!"
—Kristen T.

"I am one of the twins whom used your services over our borthday weekend. I want to once again thank you for your services and compliment what a professional, yet warm and person experience we had. We will absolutely seek you out and any family that comes that way we will refer to you! You're both great!"
—Carol R.

"Gabi was my therapist and the massage was the best I have ever had. I will be going back to see her regularly and enjoy the massage/pool. I wouldn't change a thing!"
—Donna E.

"Gabriela was wonderful!! Very sweet and professional, she massaged me for almost 2 hours. Customer service was world class. I will be back to see her soon."
—Andrew W.

"I am one of the twins whom used your services over our birthday weekend. I want to once again thank you for your services and compliment what a professional, yet warm and person experience we had. We will absolutely seek you out and any family that comes that way we will refer to you! You're both great!"
—Carol R.

"Gabriela was a 5+++ for my massage experience. Perfect, wouldn't change a thing, she paid attention to every detail of my massage."
—Kamesha J.

"Albert was so fantastic with me! He helped me with trigger points."
—Debra W.

"We contracted with Body 'n' Balance in May of 2015 for the US Masters Nationals Swimming Championship. The event housed over 2500 people a day with a total of 1850 athletes in the market for massage services.
    After another company had backed out on us at the last minute we were lucky enough to be referred to Body 'n' Balance. With less than a three week notice, Monique brought her staff together to provide the best service we could have ever imagined. They arrived early and set up, looking very professional as well as boasting a very friendly and well trained, knowledgeable staff. They stayed until all that needed or wanted services were taken care of and left the facility spotless. We cannot wait to have Body 'n' Balance back on our deck enhancing our athlete experience!"
—Kristin L.

"Cassie is a great therapist and gave me an amazing treatment, better than anywhere else I have been!"
—Jenna B.



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