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How We Spa at Body-n-Balance Massage and Day Spa

All of our services incorporate longer Session Times for Quality Services. For example, our One Hour Session is 65 minutes of actual table time. Many Spas promise an hour but, in reality, they provide only 50 minutes of total time with the clock ticking from the time you arrive at the Spa until you physically leave the Spa. We dislike that business model. We feel that it is unfair to our hotel guests. Quality and Value is what we constantly strive for.

Choosing my treatments?
Our staff offers suggestions based on your needs. They recommend the proper sequence for multiple spa treatments.

Special Health Concerns?
All of our guests receive a brief medical questionnaire that focuses on your health with massage. We are not physicians; however, we can assure your safety based on your answers to our questions. In a few instances, we may require a “written consent for massage” from your physician.

Male or Female Therapists?
Our staff includes both female and male therapists. All are professionals and take their training very seriously. We attempt to provide the gender that is requested but we cannot guarantee that a certain therapist will be available when you book your appointment. We do, however, make every attempt to ensure that your spa session is an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

Five Senses

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Your therapist welcomes you and explains where to place your clothing prior to your treatment. Remember — the more clothing that is removed, the better your therapist can work with you. Your modesty is respected at all times. Our policy is that ALL guests must be draped for relaxation. Robes will be provided for each guest as needed and based on the type of treatment selected.

My comfort level during the treatment?
MassagePlease communicate to your therapist about the pressure provided during the treatment. It could be too light or uncomfortably deep. Maybe the music is too loud, or the lighting is too bright. Perhaps the room temperature is too cold or hot. Just tell us — we want you totally relaxed and stress free.

What about makeup and jewelry?
We recommend that you not bring valuables to the spa since we are not responsible for loss. Wear makeup only if you want to and jewelry simply gets in the way of a great massage treatment. We do recommend warming the muscles with a warm shower or our deluxe whirlpool tub prior to your treatment. You may want to hold off on shaving if you select our Salt Glow Sensations. Remember we like you the “way you are.”

What about the lotions and potions?
We use only hypoallergenic products and carefully selected “green only products” that have been proven to work with all body types. Certain skin conditions, however, such as Rosacea will require a physician's release for treatment. Other skin conditions and allergies can be addressed with your individual therapist.

Appointment times?
As a courtesy to our other guests as well as to your therapist, we ask that you arrive on time or even a few minutes early for your appointment. No show or no call for cancellation results in a full charge. To avoid these charges, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time if you cannot come. Late arrivals complete their sessions at the designated time to accommodate other guests' appointment times. Some treatments may require a "prepay" by credit card to reserve your time.

Method of payment and gratuities?
We accept most credit cards, room charges, and cash. Gratuities are always appreciated by our therapists.


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