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Basic Services  

Swedish in Studio:
95 min. — $150.00
65 min. — $105.00
35 min. — $60.00
With Deep Tissue Therapy:
add $15.00 per hour

Heavenly Foot Massage
including foot exfoliation:

35 min. — $65.00

Back Exfoliation with Hot Towels:
15 min. — $20.00
Massage in Guest Room:
65 min. — $170.00 + 20% gratuity

Individual and Corporate Chair Massages:
$1.50 per min.

*Massage preference is based on availability

Five Senses


Descriptions and Special Services

Swedish Massage
The classic relaxation massage. Great for all ages including infants to golden years.

Deep Tissue
More technical in nature, focusing on releasing tension within deeper lying muscles, nerves, and fibers for relief of acute or chronic pain.

Maternity Massage: 65 min. — $95.00
This soothing massage provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints, neck, back, and hips. Special strokes are used to aid the Mother-to-Be and her baby to enjoy the benefits of increased circulation while eliminating much of the discomfort that pregnancy may bring.

Thai Herbal Stem Massage: 65 min. — $175.00
Traditional Thai massage treatment combining warm herbal ball stems. A spicy blend of antioxidants: Lemongrass, Turmeric, Lime Peel, Sweet Flag, Mountain Ebony, and Jeang Leaves, to enhance relaxation, health, and harmony. Hand selected from the jungles of Ratchapruek, Thailand.

The Managers Special: 65 min. — $110.00
A relaxing Swedish Massage using hot towels on the back to increase blood supply. Followed by warm stones in a relaxing rythm to the back, neck, and shoulders. Watch tensions disappear.

Ultimate Weary Traveler: 65 min.— $150.00
Combine the Executive Facial with our Heavenly Foot Massage for the most relaxing way to avoid the stresses of car or plane travel. Massage and exfoliation using hot towels, lotions, and an invigorating peppermint creme.

Hot Stone Therapy: 65 min. — $140.00 or 95 min. — $210.00
A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated Baltic rocks. Experience the warmth radiating deeply into the muscles to melt away tension.

The Heavenly Foot Massage: 20 min. — $80.00
We bathe the feet in warm steaming towels to increase blood flow while opening the skin pores. Next we apply exfoliates to clean and polish the feet. We apply our warm lotion to massage the entire foot and calf and we complete with peppermint foot creme to leave you you saying "WOW".

Executive Facial: 30 min. — $80.00
Our classical facial massage! We use all natural ingredients to customize this favorite. We use hot towels, cleansers, clay mask moisturizers, and toners. If you need to be calmed and pampered this is the one for you.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage: 30 min. — $75.00
One of our more requested massage treatments! Using a combination of coconut oil and aromatherapy oils to relax the body and mind.

Fire and Ice: 80 min. — $175.00
This signature treatment combines Swedish massage and a unique facial using warm oils, selected herbs, and completed with a cryo stone therapy to seal the pores. This treatment will relax, invigorate, and make you look years younger.



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